Russo and Steele | 08-Jun-2018 | Newport Beach 2018 | Venue : 18601 North Scottsdale Road, Scottsdale, AZ 85255
Category : Classic Cars
Lot No. : 4164
Year : 1975
Engine Size : 2700
Transmission : Manual
Colour : Black
Chassis No. : 9115400312
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Porsche Carrera Coupe


When I purchased this Southern California car, some 6 or 7 years ago, I incorrectly assumed that it was a common variety 1980\'s update, as was so very trendy back then.\r\nNothing could have been further from the truth.\r\nI purchased this car from an out State Attorney, who was selling this Fabulous Porsche for a Client, of whom he was very secretive.\r\nHe refused or was unable to divulge his name, and therefore the car came to me without any form of documentation, delivery books or records that could possibly tie the car to it\'s secretive owner.\r\nAlso I never dealt with the Attorney face to face, and I was handed off to one of his assistants.\r\nAfter putting the deal together, I picked up the car.\r\nWhen I got home, realizing I had forgotten the spare set of keys, I called up the assistant, and drove to his home to collect said keys.\r\nI was invited into his home and we started talking about the car, and I had to ask, if he knew who the owner was.\r\nWith little reluctance, he informed me that Dan Peek, the lead singer of the Band America, who had died only a few months before was the original and only owner of the car.\r\nApparently, as the story goes, when the Porsche Turbo Carrera came out in Germany in 1975, even if you were the lead Singer of a World famous Band, you could not import this legendary Model, which was in essence a full blooded road going RSR.\r\nSo having to settle for a non Turbo Carrera he took delivery of Carrera Chassis 312.\r\nThis great looking Carrera finished in rare Factory Black sported the early Turbo Whale tail, but nothing more.\r\nApparently disappointed it was taken back to Steve Taub Porsche in Santa Monica to be improved into a Carrera Turbo Look.\r\nI thought nothing of this story and deduced it was simply unsubstantiated, if interesting hearsay.\r\nApart from covering 1,000 odd miles in the Targa California by\r\nthe Tour Founder, it has just been sitting in my Garage in Tarzana,\r\nwith 8 or more of it\'s brethren. \r\nPrior to the Tour the original wide wheels were swapped out for the current 7\' + 8 x 16 Factory Turbo wheels.\r\nThe original wide wheels had rotted out Pirelli P 7 tires which were tossed, put them in a corner of my Garage where they rested for years.\r\nThe red Carrera stripes were added at this time for visual effect, and are easily removed.\r\n\r\nAt the beginning of 2015 I was contemplating doing a little jaunt up the Coast to San Francisco and took the car to the Auto Gallery for a service and check up.\r\nThe car received a clean bill of health, and only a faulty horn was noted.\r\nAt the same time I asked them their view on the car.\r\nI was informed that the panels were Factory Parts, and that full 930 rear quarters and front fenders were on the car, as well as all the other period correct body parts, the consensus being that these were dealer installed.\r\nThe wide Wheels, previously mentioned turned out to be Factory Fuchs RSR wide wheels of 9 x 15 and 11 x 15.\r\nThe interior features period Sport Seats by Recaro with lap belts.\r\nIt has a Dealer installed air conditioning system, tinted glass throughout, an electric sunroof and electric windows.\r\nThe engine an original matching Carrera California Specification has been upgraded with Turbo CIS, and puts out around 210 BHP, and features a red Turbo Carrera shroud for the engine\r\nOther period touches are a pull out Kenwood radio and a Clifford alarm system with Keyboard and microswitches.\r\nThe car runs and drives perfectly, is super fast and smooth and a pure delight to own and drive.\r\nThe paint is near flawless, and has never had a total repaint, the Paint meter records original door shut paint, as does the roof.\r\nOnly the sides were painted apparently after the work was carried out.\r\n\r\nThis car is, as all my cars are, titled and registered in my name, and insured with Hagerty, in this case for a 6 figure sum.

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