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Category : Classic Cars
Lot No. : 4163
Year : 1959
Engine Size : 1750
Transmission : Manual
Colour : Green
Chassis No. : 61200204
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GSM Dart Roadster


We are pleased to offer this rare 1959 GSM Dart for sale. From what research we\'ve done, a little over 100 of these cars were built, and only four with Alfa Romeo drivetrains, making this a very rare automobile. These are interesting cars, with only a handful made and sold in the UK under the name GSM Delta because the Dart name was already being used by Daimler. This particular example was built in South Africa and wears the name GSM Dart. The car has been raced since new and is said to have been driven by Ernest Pieterse of Formula One fame. It\'s just recently come out of the Peterson Automotive Museum where it was under their ownership since 2009. The car has not been raced in many years, but was fully restored in preparation for race use in 2009 before the museum took ownership. The car presents itself very well as can be seen in the photos. It\'s not a perfect show car as it has a few scratches and stress marks in the fiberglass. It\'s been restored with racing in mind and is a sure entry into many major events. The fact that this Dart is fitted with an Alfa Romeo engine and 5-speed transmission is awesome, and a vast improvement over the Coventry Climax Ford Anglia that you\'ll typically find installed. If you\'re looking into doing some vintage racing, this car is a no-brainer when you consider the asking price. This is a lot of car for the money and will perform very well on the track.

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