Russo and Steele | 17-Jan-2018 | Scottsdale 2018 | Venue : 18601 North Scottsdale Road, Scottsdale, AZ 85255
Category : Classic Cars
Year : 1977
Engine Size : 4520
Transmission : AUTOMATIC
Colour : Orange
Registration No. : 1
Chassis No. : # 10704412041068
No longer available - Sold or withdrawn from sale


Probably one of the most clich?d cars ever, the R107 was everywhere in the 1970s and 1980s. Probably it is because it lived a long enough life that a child could be conceived in it, then sent off to college and Mercedes-Benz were still selling them on their showroom floors. From Magnum, P.I., to Dallas, to Knight Rider ? even Wonder Woman drove one of these. I?m still trying to piece together how she afforded a ,000 car over 0,000 in today?s dollars on a government salary. The 1970s were generally seen as a pretty harsh time for the automobile. It was the end of the era for large American sedans with big V8s under the hood and muscle cars. Consumers in the US turned to a myriad of imported subcompact cars to combat ever rising fuel prices. Things stayed fairly consistent at Mercedes-Benz, with exception of some larger bumpers and lighting differences as compared to their European market counterparts. Through it all, from 1972 to 1989, there was one car that defined the brand, the R107 SL roadster. Whether it was cruising the Sunset Strip or going on a weekend jaunt to The Hamptons, the SL was the car to be seen in during that era.The 450SL is known for its uncompromising build-quality, giving an impressive tactile feel to the switch-gear and closing and fitment of the doors. These were among the finest automobiles available when new, and that quality has not diminished whatsoever over the years. They were built to last and they have. Classic Mercedes-Benz?\'s have proven to be attractive investments and this is truly a modern classic.\r\nThis is a original California car with a matching hardtop. This color combination is truly one of the classic combinations.